Featured Accessories

Towing and recovery is more productive, safe and efficient with the right accessories. From tie-downs to spreader bars, New England TruckMaster has the right accessories for the professional towing operator.

NEW Pro Pack 4pt tie down system kit

NEW Pro Pack 4pt tie down system kit

Short Spreader bar Tube

Short Spreader bar Tube: This is ideal when lifting equipment or machinery and provides a lifting width of 58, 63 and 68, where a more narrow-profile bar is more advantageous in lifting the load. This is the tube only.

Short Axle Fork

Short Axle Fork: This new design features a shorter front leading fork to more easily get under a front axle, a tighter and tapered distance between the forks to pinch the axle, and a wider design of the fork to better prevent sliding when positioned between spring U-bolts


Port-A-Ring: A portable D-ring that quickly and easily fits into any key slot on Century, Vulcan and Champion steel carrier beds. Providing a D-ring rated at 6,500 pounds that can be used with a snatch block for winching or aligning a vehicle on the carrier bed or securing a load

LCG Basket Kit

LCG Basket Kit: For increased storage and to supply you with the equipment you need on your carriers, Miller Industries has developed an LCG basket kit. The kit contains two wire baskets that fit behind the 48 tool compartments that are common on most carriers.

20 Ton Spreader Bars

20 Ton Spreader Bars: A new spreader bar that works in conjunction with our full line of heavy-duty products. Designed for use in all types of heavy- through light-duty lifting applications, this unique spreader bar allows for executing straight vertical lifts without damaging or collapsing the sides of the casualty.

Fold-out, Retractable ladder

Fold-out, Retractable ladder: Measuring 15' tall when fully extended, the collapsible ladder can be easily compressed for in-truck storage. For use in the field, the ladder has a maximum weight capacity of up to 330 pounds and it is CE- and OSHA-approved.

Endless Loop Slings

Endless Loop Slings: We now offer a complete endless loop sling package. The kit comes with 12 endless loops, two of each size.